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Heat in the City. [20 Jul 2006|06:40pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I'm dying in this heat. Thank god I'm getting A/C this Saturday. Probably one of the best investments in life.

I'm not really sure how to catch up in LJ. I've been kind of dead. :3 Perhaps I should start anew? I'm buying a tablet shortly so that should help me out a bit. If only I could get myself out of debt a little bit. That would be cool.

Evolving in 15 days. Excitement!

Updates later.

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[13 Jul 2006|12:30am]
Hmm, forgot I had one of these. Time to start it back up methinks.
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Omy x x [23 Mar 2005|10:21am]
[ mood | amused ]

Loves this site :0

Video code provided by MusicVideoCodes.com
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*jumps on the proverbial bandwagon* x x [07 Sep 2004|02:24am]
[ mood | dorky ]

Since everyone else is doing it :B

Leave a comment here if you want to know what I really think of you, and I’ll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty.

And then you post this in your LJ.

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Clean Out x x [11 Nov 2003|06:12pm]
[ mood | okay ]

November 11th marks my first LJ friends clean out. Doing it now. Some people just pissed me off. Some I don't want on my list anymore. Yeah. Woot~

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Friend's Only x x [20 Mar 2003|07:23am]
[ mood | dorky ]

This time around, I'm making it friends only.
800by600 Resolution is what I configured the background to for the entry-tables so configure your resolution if you wish to view it correctly <3
If you care about what I have to say, feel free to leave your LJ-handle and I'd be happy to add you. :)

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